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Club Membership

  Full membership packages for 2024/25 available by monthly direct debit for only £86.50 per month. 

The Joining Fee is currently waived and Membership starts as soon as you hand in a Completed Membership Form, Direct Debit mandate (if needed) and any other relevant deposits or subscription payments. Five Day packages available at discounted rates.

With its free draining fairways and glorious views there has never been a better time to commit to the Game of Golf that you love and join Upavon with our aim to better your Golf and the enjoyment it gives.

What to do next?

See which membership package looks right for you and if you require any further information or are ready to join please feel free to call or email us at your convenience.

The Club year runs from May 1st and membership fees are discounted pro rata on a monthly basis from this day.

All deals can be tailored to Full, Full Senior, Five Day, Five Day Senior, Colt 24-26 yrs old, Colt 21-23 yrs old & Colt 18-20 yrs old membership.

Various Flexi and Low income membership packages are available now. For further details please click on the Flexi-Membership Menu.

Don't Delay, Join Today!

Category Monthly DD Amount DDStart Date DD Deposit
Full £86.50 per Month 1st of the month in advance £86.50
Full Senior (now called Full) £86.50 per Month 1st of the month in advance £86.50
Five Day £78.00 per Month 1st of the month in advance £78.00
Five Day Senior (now called Full) £78.00 per Month 1st of the month in advance £78.00
Colt 24-26 £65.00 per Month 1st of the month in advance £65.00
Colt 21-23 £43.25 per Month 1st of the month in advance £43.25
Colt 18-20 £21.50 per Month 1st of the month in advance £21.50
Junior under 18 £14.00 per Month 1st of the month in advance £14.00

  All fees are subject to National & County Golf Union fees, currently £19.40 payable as a one off at the start of the year/period . The subscription year runs from May 1st. If paying by Direct Debit please complete a Direct Debit Mandate and return with your membership form. 

Direct Debit is a facility to allow members to spread the cost of the annual fee over 12 instalments.  By paying by monthly direct debit, you must accept that you are liable for the full annual subscription amount if, for any reason you cancel your direct debit.  By agreeing to this method of payment, you agree to reimburse the Club for the amount of annual subscriptions outstanding if you cancel your direct debit or cancel your membership.

If, during the course of the annual membership period, you fail to pay your monthly amount, you must pay the outstanding amount before the next one is due.  Failure to do this will result in 2 monthly fees being collected from your bank account in the following month.  If you fail to pay 2 months in succession, your membership will be immediately suspended until all outstanding payments have been made.

Should you have any questions please contact Alastair on 01980 630281 option 2 or email 

Download your Membership Application form click here
Download your Direct Debit mandate click here.

Please could you spare a few minutes to download and fill in the questionnaire? It will help us make sure you achieve what you want out of your Club membership. Thank you.

New Members Questionnaire

Telephone: 01980 630281
Upavon Golf Club, Douglas Avenue, Upavon, Wiltshire

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